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Thank you to all the exhibitors who participated in the 2018 ILR-SD Gathering of Friends & Champions.  We hope you had a wonderful time and look forward to seeing you again at The 2019 Gathering.  Thanks also to our great sponsors whose support is important for the continued success of The Gathering.

A special Thank you to the Llama Futurity Association, LFA, for joining forces with the ILR-SD for another year of sharing national events.  We look forward to continued cooperation and collaboration in the future.

Lastly, but most importantly, thanks to the show superintendents, chairman, clerks, gate keepers and others who worked hard both before, during and after The Gathering show.  The hours of effort made on behalf of The Gathering are innumerable and without willing and capable volunteers, this weekend could not have happened.

The 2019 Gathering is already being planned and we need volunteers.  Please contact your co-chairs, Nick Hauptly and Lisa Robinson, or Susan at the ILR Office if you would like to help.  We need volunteers at all levels of the show, so bring your skills to the table or open your mind to learning about show management and help make The 2019 Gathering of Friends and Champions a success.

Thank You!  Thank You! Thank You! for a Successful 2018