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2019 General Information

ILR Services and Programs

The key to a successful show is willing and capable volunteers.  The Gathering Committee welcomes your help - please contact us if you would like to volunteer to support this event and your industry.  We need folks to help set up stalling, etc on Wednesday as well as breakdown the stalls & tables on Sunday.


Weekend Events

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Sponsors will receive recognition for a year on this website, recognition in the show books, class sponsorships and announcements during the event.  Please support The Gathering with your financial contribution of any level.

Gathering Committee 2019

Each year The Gathering is dedicated to an industry leader that has had a positive influence on the llama community.  The 2019 Gathering dedication will be announced soon.  Click below to see the past Gathering dedications. 

Registration of ALL camelids

UAP Awards Program

IF Awards Program

Pot of Gold for Youth Program

Animal records viewable on-line at

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NICK HAUPTLY -- Gathering Co-Chair

LISA ROBINSON -- Gathering Co-Chair



         MARK SMITH -- ILR Board Member Liaison

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